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August 2008

  • Business as usual for Alcatel-Lucent

    It did not take long after the merger for things to start going wrong for Alcatel-Lucent CEO Patricia Russo, who opted to leave the vendor last month after admitting she could no longer work with f...

  • Cisco bullish about long-term growth

    One of the biggest issues dominating thinking in the channel and beyond is the likelihood of a recession and the force of it should it arrive.

  • Credit crunch provides opportunity for cost cutting technologies

    The credit crunch is proving to be a benefit to those that are pushing services and products that might face a tougher sales pitch if buyers were sticking with the status quo.

  • Flexibility boosts RAID revenues

    Maintaining or increasing revenues from well-established technologies might seem like a hard task, but this is not necessarily the case. Take RAID subsystems, for example. RAID solutions have bee...

  • Inoapps latest UK developer to join Oracle Accelerate programme

    Oracle has continued to expand its Accelerate programme, providing support and eco system promotion, to developers targeting vertical markets.

  • Microsoft revamps distributor rebates

    Microsoft has increased the complexity of its rebate programme for volume distributors by tripling the number of targets partners need to meet but it is too early to say if the changes are positive...

  • Avnet acquisitions pay dividends

    The buy and build strategy employed by Avnet in the last financial year has helped the distributor post relatively healthy results in spite of tough trading conditions.

  • Piracy crackdown

    The net is starting to close in around resellers that have an interest in selling pirated or counterfeited software. Over the past six months or so, there have been a raft of prosecutions, with one...

  • The man who reinvented the channel

    When Jos Brenkel shared his thoughts about the channel in his role as head of the European channel for Hewlett-Packard, resellers sat up and took notice. They paid attention not only because Brenk...

  • Lenovo to unveil netbook in October

    Lenovo has signalled its intent to enter the netbook market in the UK with two consumer-targeted IdeaPad devices in early October.

  • Jos Brenkel - The man who reinvented the channel

    When Jos Brenkel shared his thoughts about the channel in his role as head of the European channel for Hewlett-Packard, resellers sat up and took notice.

  • Ease fears of holiday disconnection

    Going on holiday without taking a host of technology is unthinkable for most of us. Even before you finish packing the car, you need to make sure that you have your mobile or Blackberry and charger...

  • Up service to keep web ball rolling

    There is a post-war generation that tends to believe that it saw more technological advancement than any other, but in terms of speed it is last decade that has produced change at record levels. D...

  • The return of 3Com

    As far as the networking industry is concerned, there is a huge elephant in the room, and it's named Cisco Systems Incorporated. Admired, respected and feared in equal measure, in the wake of the 2...

  • Time and tide wait for no WAN

    In a virtualised environment, IT managers need to pay careful attention to the impact wide area network (WAN) performance has on application performance. When virtual servers are centralised, limit...

  • Customers starting to understand Software Asset Management saves money as well as reducing risk

    The awareness among customers over the need to take intellectual property seriously is fuelling an interest in Software Asset Management (SAM).

  • Integralis warns of cache poisoning

    In the security market the identification of a new threat is something of a regular occurrence but the latest to be identified by Integralis is something resellers should be warning customers about.

  • Acer gets the message

    ByPaul Kunert 1August 2008 Five years ago when selling through the channel was less than fashionable, Acer kept faith with its indirect only sales model. Rivals watched the Taiwanese giant's subs...