Google Chrome OS security plans greeted with caution


Google Chrome OS security plans greeted with caution

Microscope contributor

A day after Google unveiled its ambitions to launch its own operating system to challenge Microsoft and some in the security industry have reacted by sounding a note of caution.

Google is developing its Chrome OS with the ambition of making it secure from the start with ambitious plans to make it less vulnerable to attacks.

“We are going back to basics and completely redesigning the underlying security architecture of the OS so that users don’t have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates,” said Google.

But as Microsoft has found out if an OS becomes popular enough the cyber criminals will invest the effort to crack a system.

“Google’s intention to redesign the underlying security architecture of the Operating System is commendable,however all software is susceptible to issues," said Carl Leonard, Security Research Manager for EMEA at Websense.

"It just depends on how much effort the malware author wants to go to and how much profit can be made,” he added.

Leonard said that malware authors would be looking for flaws to exploit from the start and that could undermine the best intentions of the search engine giant.

“It’s a great philosophy to design an OS for today’s environments, but will Google deliver? And when we will see the first attack against Chrome OS? We’ll be keeping a close eye on things to be ready to protect our customers,” he added.

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