A stylish alternative


A stylish alternative

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Laptop bags have come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years and are now a far cry from the clunky freebies you got with mobiles in the past.

The initial inspiration of designers of laptop bags seemed to be drawn from the big, bright products typically used by bike couriers. They served a purpose but did not appeal to everyone. A significant market was unmoved by these clunky bags and they are being targeted by companies such as be-ez, with its LaDolce Vita range.

The name LaDolce Vita conjures up images of Milan and catwalks rather than laptop bags, which, of course, is exactly what it is meant to do. Does the product live up to that image? It depends on what you class as stylish, but the LaDolce Vita range is certainly closer in appearance to a handbag. It has a removable cover and a black, brown or white bag underneath that can be used on its own. There is also a removable compartment that can be used to carry a Mac or as a bag in its own right. Another big difference is in the material used: tarpaulin.

The benefits of the bag are numerous. Although it can hold a decent-sized laptop, it does not look like it, so will appeal to the security-conscious. In addition, it is clearly targeted at stylish users of MacBooks, and it is likely women would respond well to this product.

Resellers might not spend a great deal of time thinking about bags, but they are a relatively straightforward additional sale for the channel.

This offering from be-ez shows there are plenty of options out there that deserve to be put in front of customers.

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A bag with style

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