Painless updates


Painless updates

Alex Scroxton
 26 November 2007

There are increasing numbers of customers that are going home after a hard working day wondering whether or not they have done the right thing with their data.

In an era when heads roll for data loss, a compliance culture means that the merest slip-up could result in embarrassment or a fine and no-one wants the headache of looking after increasing information.

Plasmon has an answer in the form of its UDO2 archive appliance, which is designed specifically for headache-free, long-term storage.

The device uses a standard NAS interface so it can be plugged into the network with very little disruption.

It starts paying back on the investment by taking static data off expensive primary storage sources and putting it onto an archive appliance.

The description passed on to this reviewer from the manufacturer also pointed out the size of the unit, which would fit on a desktop, and although it is not the sort of product that will pop up in retail it has the same design ethics that make a complex bit of kit look easy to use.

The other selling point for
those concerned with compliance is the WORM media, which
means you can prove to the auditor that the data has not been tampered with.

This is a solid storage solution that meets a growing need from a large amount of customers that the channel sits in front of every day.

The pitch:

Wipe out storage headaches

The channel:

CMS Peripherals, Headway Technology, Media Resources, OptoMedia Storage Solutions

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