A secure thin client for lean times


A secure thin client for lean times

Microscope contributor

There is a growing movement towards buying thin clients, not only to cut costs but also to head off security concerns.

The recession has been a godsend for those looking to state the case for devices that come with hardly any maintence costs and use operating systems and applications stored on flash memory that cannot be altered and save energy.

Such a device matters because it ticks a number of boxes and, from an IT manager’s point of view, it is not going to be too difficult to get it signed off and implemented.

At this point the Linutop box, which fits in the palm of your hand, steps forward. Resellers could sensibly pitch the Linutop to schools as well as the corporate market.

From a security point of view the operating system is pre-installed and cannot be altered. Linux comes on-board, along with Firefox, Open Office and the VLC media player.

The lack of alteration and the feature that allows the device to be set back to the initial state at restart both significantly reduce the chances of a virus or hacker getting onto the network.

There are no moving parts and the unit is completely silent. It also has very low energy consumption.

Selling green still resonates if it is pitched as a way that companies can save money and claw back electricity costs.

From a user perspective, connected to a monitor and a keyboard, there is little difference between the Linutop and a power-hungry, underused, application-heavy desktop.

For technology resellers casting around for a product that will get them through the door and into a discussion about saving money and reducing security risks, this type of device is ideal.

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