UK still lagging behind in broadband stakes


UK still lagging behind in broadband stakes

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Despite the occasionally bright spot the UK is still lagging behind in the broadband speed stakes with some places still below the 2Mbps goal set by the government.

Concerns about the state of the broadband infrastructure were raised as the top ten broadband towns were announced with Bournemouth in first place with download speeds of 8Mbps.

But that is the exception rather than the rule and those selling broadband services have called for more action to be taken to improve the download and upload speeds available to UK businesses.

“The UK is currently ranked outside of the European Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) Council’s top ten fibre nations and looks set to stay there,” warned Steve Powell, product manager for connectivity services at Viatel.

He added that a decision to try and squeeze as much as it could out of the existing DSL infrastructure was holding back broadband development.

Mark Seemann, product strategy & development director at Outsourcery, said that services like video and voice required a robust broadband infrastructure and not enough had been done by either the government of BT to ramp up broadband.

“The underlying infrastructure needs to be looked at now and they haven’t been doing enough about it,” he said.

Seemann added that his concern was that with the cloud broadband had become mission critical but it was not being seen in that light by the government.

The top ten broadband towns and cities according to Top 10 Broadband are:

1. Bournemouth - 8.06Mbps
2. Portsmouth -7.82Mbps
3. Dudley - 7.03Mbps
4. Luton - 6.97Mbps
5. Hartlepool - 6.90Mbps
6. Southend-on-Sea - 6.86Mbps
7. Bradford - 6.81Mbps
8. Manchester -6.77Mbps
9. Birmingham -6.74Mbps
10. Wolverhampton - 6.72Mbps

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