Delivering broadband control


Delivering broadband control

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These days you don’t see too many people harking on about broadband, with most of us just signing up to services as a norm.

But for businesses the issue of looking after their broadband continues to be an issue and so a reseller promoting a product that can help ease problems with management and performance should receive a sympathetic audience.

The Level 1 broadband AP management gateway is designed to handle 12 compliant APs and use built-in profiles for on-demand accounts by time and data volume.

It can help administrators manage wireless and wired networks from a single point. Plus add to that the ability to add security, with a walled garden, and it is the sort of box that is going to slot into a branch office or SME very easily.

The vendor does several broadband routers but the attraction of this product, the
AMG-2000, is the amount of controls that it hands over to the user.

There is the ability for temporary user account generation, policy-based access control and there are several ways of authenticating methods.

It also provides user-logging that is going to be interesting to those concerned about potential employee abuse of the system — something that is sadly the downside of the Web 2.0 social networking phenonenon.

If you are standing in front of a customer that wants to ensure that its web communications go smoothly then this sort of router is something that should be introduced into the conversation.

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