Cyber criminals exploiting global downturn


Cyber criminals exploiting global downturn

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Most governments are not focusing on cyber crime, there is a shortage of police in this area and the size of the problem is continually expanding.

Those were the conclusions of the first McAfee Virtual Criminology Report, which clearly aims to put the question of information security high on the national agenda.

The vendor also warned that the current credit crunch was leading to a greater number of attacks by criminals keen to exploit those looking for bargains.

In a statement, Dave DeWalt, CEO and president of McAfee said that criminals were exploiting the global recession.

“While governments and law enforcement bodies’ attentions are diverted by the current economic crisis, the door is left open for cybercrimimals to continue to target bank balances worldwide and to potentially damage the consumer trust needed to aid rapid recovery,” he said.

One of the main criticisms in the report was of a shortage of “cybercops” that had the specialist skills needed to fight cybercrime. The report stated that there was a lack of training and too much of a temptation of talented people getting lured into the private sector.

The McAfee reports comes at the end of a year when the penny has dropped for the vast majority of customers that cybercriminals are involved in attacking companies rather than the romanticised virus attackers of days gone by.

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