Outsourcing group calls for calm in foreign workers row


Outsourcing group calls for calm in foreign workers row

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The National Outsourcing Association has called for calm in the current ongoing row about foreign jobs.

Following the walk out at the Total Lindsey refinery because of the use of Italian labour and the announcement yesterday that a contract for high speed trains will involve a Japanese company the NOA has moved to point out the benefits of using overseas expertise.

“There is always a worry, especially within the Western world, that we are harming our own economy by moving jobs overseas," the NOA said in a statement.

"However we need to take a step back and see the bigger picture. More often than not organisations will be using these offshoring locations to conduct lower level work retaining much of the higher level operations on shore."

“Quite simply, if the UK government refused to offshore/outsource the economy as a whole would suffer significantly,” it warned.

“When jobs appear to be going elsewhere there is obvious disgruntlement amongst the masses. However, we are in the age of globalisation and offshoring is an integral part of this,” it added.

The current cries for British jobs for British workers threatens to undermine the trend to use foreign expertise and with more vendors pushing cloud services where the data and the infrastructure could reside outside of the UK a blanket rejection of foreign services is almost unworkable.

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