AirMagnet highlights WLAN security issues


AirMagnet highlights WLAN security issues

Microscope contributor

Network security specialist AirMagnet has warned that increasing uptake of 802.11n enabled wireless kit following the final ratification of the standard is providing new ways for cyber-crooks to break into corporate wireless LANs.

“11n has been out long enough that people have had a good chance to pick at it and figure out new ways of breaking into it,” said AirMagnet product management director Wade Williamson.

Williamson said that although most vendors have had 11n gear on the market for a long time, many end-users had preferred to wait before moving their networks to the new standard, and the rush to upgrade might provide opportunities for criminals.

“It’s a little early to say but I have seen evidence that the market is picking up,” he added.

The vendor, which was acquired earlier in the year by FlukeNetworks, but continues to operate under the AirMagnet brand for the time being, is currently deploying a new version of its enterprise wireless security suite through the channel.

Williamson told MicroScope AirMagnet is currently working against several growing threats to enterprise wireless networks, including a proliferation of attacks that bring users outside the corporate network and force them to connect to a rogue access point (AP).

Other emerging threats include WLAN denial of service (DOS)attacks, where crooks saturate the air with fake APs and fooling clients into connecting to them, which effectively silences the genuine WLAN.

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