Unlicensed EMEA businesses hit to the tune of £6m by BSA


Unlicensed EMEA businesses hit to the tune of £6m by BSA

Microscope contributor

Those that like to put the fight against piracy into accessible facts and figures might be impressed to see that businesses across EMEA have already paid out £6m this year to settle disputes with the Business Software Alliance.

The BSA has seen £435,000 spent by UK companies in settlements and the costs of getting properly licensed in the first half of this year.

Overall £2.1m was paid out by guilty firms across EMEA in settlements and £4m was spent getting themselves licensed in the first six months of 2009.

The BSA has consistently pursued a policy of going down a legal route with those that break the law around software licensing and accepting settlements with those that are prepared top admit wrong doing and get their houses back in order.

“BSA conducts more than 30 legal actions every working day in EMEA, said Sarah Coombes, senior director of legal affairs for the BSA.

“In the current economic conditions I am concerned that so many businesses continue to flout copyright laws by using unlicensed software,”she added.

Last month the BSA managed to land it’s biggest ever settlement with a German company that was forced to pay out €1.1m in a combination of damages and licensing costs.

There have been some signs that as well as threatening legal action and highlighting the potential risks of using counterfeit software there also needs to be a positive approach taken.

Speaking to MicroScope recently, Matt Fisher, director of marketing at FrontRange Solutions, talked about the importance of using software asset management (SAM) tools to help customers not only identify under licensing but also those incidences where they were paying too much.

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