Twitter attack leaves channel tweeters twiddling thumbs


Twitter attack leaves channel tweeters twiddling thumbs

Microscope contributor

Just as the channel was getting used to the idea of Twitter being a useful form of communication the failure of the social networking site to cope with a denial of service (DoS) attack has shown up potential problems.

What security experts are claiming was a DoS attack took the Twitter service down for at least 90 minutes yesterday afternoon preventing the sharing of news and information through the 140 character tweets.

The platform continued to suffer from unstable performance for most of last night as it got back on its feet.

The majority of vendors are signed up to the free service sharing information about activities, product releases and patches to the reseller base via the web.

In a blog post Sophos’s security expert Graham Cluley, said that there were ramifications for business users.

“Don't underestimate the impact an attack like this can have, by the way. Twitter isn't just about meaningless piffle...companies are using it to keep in touch with their customer base,” he wrote.

He added that Facebook had also reported problems leaving millions without the opportunity to talk to each other via social networking sites.

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