SaaS not the panacea according to UK users


SaaS not the panacea according to UK users

Microscope contributor

In a report that will have echoes of the experience some customers with the ASP model back in the 1990s users are ‘underwhelmed’ after moving to SaaS.

According to Gartner a survey of UK and US users found that although the idea of applications available via the cloud was now accepted the results of using those services were not universally positive.

“Our research findings did not exactly provide a ringing endorsement of SaaS, in fact I would go as far as to say that satisfaction levels among SaaS users are little more than lukewarm,” said Ben Pring, research vice president at Gartner.

The note of caution for the channel currently pushing SaaS because of the attraction of moving spending from cap-ex to op-ex was that despite the appeal of doing that in the current market conditions just shy of 60% of users plan to maintain current SaaS levels for the next couple of years.

There were also higher rates of dissatisfaction in the UK compared to the US with British customers more critical of post sales support and predictability of costs.

Price of SaaS was quoted as the number one reason putting off those users that have not yet adopted the technology, a response that challenges the widespread perception that cloud can be pitched as a cheaper alternative.

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