Wireless mice keep on running


Wireless mice keep on running

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It really is a case of using is believing with wireless mice because it is only after you have tried one that you understand the freedom and much more relaxed experience it provides.


There has been a great deal of focus on wireless keyboards but the average user doesn’t move it around that much. However, the mouse is moved all the time and as a result the benefit of a wireless product is felt immediately.


In the past, some users have been disappointed by clunky products that suck battery power. But with USB 2.0 it is now possible to run the product without having to keep the Duracell to hand.


The other advantage of a wireless mouse, compared with the conventional alternative, is that they are usually more ergonomically designed. The lack of a wire means that the entire mouse can be shaped to fit more comfortably in the hand.


So having established that the current devices are both a pleasure to use and have overcome the power problems of older products, the next question is which products a reseller should stock.


When it comes to brands there are few bigger than Microsoft, and although better known for its operating system software, it does a fairly extensive line in keyboards and mice.


The products submitted for review — the WLM 6000 V2 and the WLM 7000 — differ mainly by being silver and black respectively.


The laser mice are ergonomically designed and have recharging docking stations that should eliminate performance issues.


Additional functions include the Flip 3D key, which displays a 3D overlay of all open windows, allowing the user to cycle through them, while detail can be enlarged and edited using the magnifier function. Four-way scrolling provides greater user comfort.

Wireless products have come a long way from the days of dodgy infrared and radio frequencies and these mice show not only how well these products work but just why resellers should be selling them.


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