A sound addition to your portfolio


A sound addition to your portfolio

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If there is one thing that really makes a difference between an average experience and an excellent one when it comes to audio entertainment, it is the headphones.

Far too often users opt to stick with the products that were bundled with the MP3 player or choose a cheap pair of own-brand headphones from a supermarket.

This can be a costly error because it undermines an experience that is all about engaging the senses. It makes much more sense to invest in a quality product, and the name Senn­heiser is found on some of the best audio products around.

But even accepting that statement, the average reseller would be likely to shrug their shoulders, wondering where they come in.

In fact, there are several points of entry and Sennheiser provides a couple of examples.

The majority of customers that walk through a reseller’s door are likely to own a mobile phone and MP3 player that could benefit from better quality headphones, which is where the Sennheiser range comes in.

Sennheiser’s CX 300 headphones are aimed at iPod and iPhone users who want to improve on the standard white headphones bundled with the device.

The CX 300 headphones are in-ear, providing rich sound quality. Ear adapters in three different sizes ensure a comfortable fit and excellent attenuation of ambient noise.

Those still questioning the engagement with the brand might want to take a closer look at the company’s new PC 350 gaming headphones.

This solid piece of headgear is designed to tap into the growing market for gamers who not only want to listen to their games in perfect stereo without the distraction of ambient noise, but also want to talk clearly to their friends and opponents as they blow them away.

A pair of leather cushioned headphones are accompanied by a leather head strap for improved comfort, and a large-size microphone for optimum intelligibility.

Dedicated gamers are continually being encouraged to buy new products, particularly graphics cards that immerse them in the game. The PC 350 headphones offer a simple and effective way of getting more out of the gaming experience.

When we tested the headset with a dedicated gamer, we were able to walk through the front door, up to his gaming room and tap him on the shoulder before he even noticed we were there.

For those looking at adding something a bit tasty to their portfolio in the run-up to Christmas, these products, along with the others in the Sennheiser range, are ideal because they offer the customer a choice of various price points, do not need any explanation and have an immediate impact.
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