Calls for more sustainable IT


Calls for more sustainable IT

Microscope contributor

The channel has a long history of inventing and then widely adopting buzzwords and the latest “sustainability” is tapping into not just questions of efficiency and cost but also the green agenda.

In an interview with MicroScope the UK managing director of Lexmark Steve Purdy said that sustainability was an increasing demand from customers that wanted to control their print costs and address their carbon footprint.

He added that it’s strapline ‘print less and save more’ was attractive to customers and was helping push resellers into more of a services role.

Expanding on the sustainability debate an Oracle study raised calls for measures to be established to help companies produce an accurate assessment of what their carbon footprint is through the supply chain from factory to customer.

In a statement, Adrian Dickinson, innovations director at DHL Logistics and one of the experts interviewed as part of the Oracle study, said there was a need for a set of clear rules and the accounting profession could devise them: “Technology will no doubt play a part in collecting the data, but at the moment we are missing the framework to put the data into.”

An Oracle view came from Dave Food, Supply Chain Director at the vendor who said there would have to be more integrated supply chain management and that involved using business process technology.

Although the Oracle survey showed that sustainability was a priority for customers few had actually taken practical steps to address the problem.

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