Sun wins legal battle against M-Tech Data


Sun wins legal battle against M-Tech Data

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Sun has won a legal victory against Manchester-based M-Tech Data for infringing trademarks by importing kit outside the European Economic Area.

The case was heard in the High Court of Justice and as well as ruling that M-Tech Data had imported products without authorisation it added that the company also had to disclose to Sun all of its activities.

At the same time the vendor also won a case in the US against the owner of Sun Valley Technical Repair for counterfeiting its products.

"Intellectual property theft can take many forms, including the counterfeiting of hardware, the copying and use of software without a license, and representing products or services as genuine when they are not backed by Sun," said Bill Mooz, legal director at Sun Microsystems.

"All of these acts not only tarnish Sun's brand, but also can put users of Sun products in the terrible position of depending upon inferior or unlicensed technology in mission-critical environments -- without proper warranty or support," he added.

Sun has other cases pending in courts across the world to protect its brand investment.

M-Tech Data refused to comment about the case until a prepared statement is issued tomorrow.

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