Intelligent laptop case


Intelligent laptop case

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Computer bags have almost reached the point where they are the universal choice for anyone not wanting a sports bag or a handbag.


The reason is no doubt the increasing ownership of laptops, but also the convenience of a bag that can take a mobile, and therefore documents as well.


But things do not stand still and several bags that have come in for review illustrate how design is moving on at a pace that means users have plenty of choices.


Under the MicroScope this week is the Soyntec Wiffinder 200 Urban Bag. This laptop bag is made by Wenger, the company that manufactures Swiss Army knives, which creates the expectation that it will have pockets for everything. Not far wrong, but there is method in a design that recognises that a user needs dedicated storage for a mobile, documents, mobile phone and a couple of pens.

Finished in grey with flashes of red, the Wiffinder 200 Urban Bag looks classy. Of course, with its padded pockets and secure Velcro grips it is designed to store a laptop safely, but the bag also incorporates some useful technology: a small LCD screen on the front that at first might be mistaken for just a clock, but on closer inspection turns out to be a very handy Wi-Fi connection detector. Clearly if you are not going to be able to get a connection, then there is little point taking the laptop out of the bag.


Other bags in the Soyntec range — which includes a shoulder bag and rucksack — also focus on providing protection for the contents and comfort for the wearer.


Customer comments about bags in recent years that were so cushioned that it felt as though you were walking round with an inflatable lilo swinging at your hip, must have at last filtered through to the manufacturers. The bags being offered today are sleek and keep the bright colours to a minimum. These products are firmly aimed at the business user, and in a market where almost any bag could be holding a laptop, why try to hide it anymore?


From a reseller perspective computer bags are good margin earners and a natural add-on when a customer purchases a laptop.


The latest products on the market prove that it is possible to sell a product with class and good design that is a world away from the cheap vinyl bags that dominated the market years ago.



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