Delayed Vista deployments in schools raise skills fears


Delayed Vista deployments in schools raise skills fears

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Some sections of the industry have raised fears that the decision by most schools to delay the deployment of Vista could have a negative impact on skills.



The killer blow for Vista in education came at the start of the year when Becta published a report advising a wait and see policy because the benefits of upgrading to the latest Microsoft OS were unproven.



David Cooper, at IT support specialists RW Communications, said that there were potential issues with children going through school not picking up experience of the latest technology.



"Vista is likely to be one of the more widely used operating systems by the time today⊃1;s batch of pupils leave school and enter the workplace. Should we be concerned that our future workforce won⊃1;t be formally educated using the most widespread platform available?" he said.



Nick Wells, marketing manager at Firebrand Training, said that Vista had not been out on the market too long and there was a cost upgrading hardware and there might be compatibility issues with XP and Vista on different pieces of school hardware.



But he added that it could cover off any lack of Vista experience when it came to deliver its own training: "It can be dealt with from a training and an implemenation level."



"Any new technology the weight that Microsoft put behind it will cause it to be implemented sooner or later it’s just a matter of when," he added.



In a statement issued at the time of the report Dr Stephen Lucey, Becta’s Executive Director of Strategic Technologies, said that there was a case for Vista on green field sites but otherwise schools had to tread carefully.



"Our objective is to make sure schools and colleges get the best possible value for money. Our advice is to be sure there is a strong business case before upgrading to these products as the costs are significant and the benefits remain unclear," he said.

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