Enhanced clocking-off system


Enhanced clocking-off system

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Keeping track of staff that are coming and going, and charging by the hour for their work can be a nightmare for even the most organised managers.

In these days when trust is all too often abused, the temptation is to either give up trying to keep on top of it or turn to a reseller
for advice.

Luckily there are a fair few technological aids that help keep track of what people are doing. The SCM Chipdrive Time Recording System is a bit like a clocking on and off system.

At the heart of the system is smartcard technology, which means there can be no dispute over what someone
has or has not been doing.

The reason why all of this matters is because when you are billing for the time that people work it really counts to invest in a system that provides an exact reading.

It also benefits employees who might have felt previously that extra hours they put in when the boss was out playing golf went unnoticed.

For those looking for a modern twist on the punch card machine the SCM Chipdrive Time Recording System provides the answer.

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