Virtual meetings from the desktop


Virtual meetings from the desktop

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If you were to stick your finger in the air to judge which way the wind was blowing on major technologies, you could guarantee it was heading for videoconferencing.

Videoconferencing no longer involves simply sitting in one room and talking down the pipe into another. The internet has added an extra dimension to proceedings, allowing information to be easily shared between participants.

Netviewer offers a host of online collaboration products designed to use the web as a backbone for improving communications.

One of its latest innovations is one2meet, which enables meetings to be hosted on a user’s desktop PC over the company’s intranet or via the web. As a result, images, documents and training can all be provided without the need for the user to travel.

It takes only a few simple steps and no installation to allow people to communicate with each other, both within an organisation and with external contacts.

One application where one2meet is making a significant difference is online training, where it is possible to link with staff and customers quickly and easily.

A reseller with knowledge of services such as the Netviewer is likely to be more popular than its rivals who stick to selling boxes and waiting for the nod from traditional vendors.


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