Add greenery to save money


Add greenery to save money

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If there is one word that grabs the attention of a customer that word has to be "green".

With an Antarctic ice shelf sliding into the sea and the weather all over the place it is hard to find anyone who is not aware of the need to protect the environment. But add to that another reason a lot of people have started to care about the planet – saving money – and the reseller has a very strong sales pitch.

It gets even stronger if they go armed with some of the latest technology to take advantage of the green theme.

Step forward the ecobutton. Put simply this is a USB device that allows the user to press the ecobutton whenever they are going to leave the computer idle. This happens all the time with phone calls, trips to the water cooler or a lunch break. Each time the button can be pressed and the computer can be put into energy saving ‘eco mode’.

The problem most of those voices in the industry have had getting people to put their computers into sleep mode is that users do not like waiting for the PC to take minutes booting up. That has also led some people to keep their computers on all night just to minimise the time logging on in the morning.

The brains behind the ecobutton have recognised that problem and moved to make things quicker with the computer reactivated on a repeat press of the button.

From a reseller point of view this is a really good product to be pitching to a corporate customer base. Businesses of all sizes would like to know that they can save energy – which means money – as well as having the advantage of appearing to the outside world to be proactive about the environment.

One additional benefit of the ecobutton resellers might want to weave into a pitch is that the product was recently named a ‘hot product’ by the British Promotional Merchandise Association.

Those with an eye on the future will know that anything green has a magical attraction at the moment and will open doors that might otherwise have stayed closed.

It also provides an immediate solution that will help reduce energy costs while we all wait for the PC industry to develop quick boot-up and sleep modes that can be activated easily.

The pitch: Save energy

The channel: Check with vendor

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