Webroot offers a secure pitch


Webroot offers a secure pitch

Microscope contributor

Security is something that cannot be turned off despite the economic downturn and the temptation to delay purchases.

For customers facing the internet minefield the decision to do business unprotected is fool-hardy in the extreme.

One of the answers comes in the form of Webroot’s Internet Security Essentials.

The US edition has been around for a while, but this UK edition is something that resellers are going to be able to take out to local customers.

The one box offers protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans and hackers, and has a number of other features that are going to appeal to customers, including automatic backup.

There have already been numerous high-profile warnings that in a downturn the criminals work even harder to get access to sensitive data, and those that think they can bury their heads in the sand are certainly being naïve.

With this ticking a lot of the boxes in terms of threat defence it is a strong proposition for the security channel to take to market.

From a reseller perspective there is also the added bonus that the customer can have a go with the software on a free trial, which, of course, can then be converted to a sale and part of a wider solution pitch.

In a market where belts are tight and there is resistance to spending, the idea of rolling up at a customer’s offices with a product that does a large number of things and keeps the criminals away from the data is going to be pretty compelling.

Add to that the fact the product comes from a company that has developed a strong reputation in hosted security services and the customer knows that this is not a purchase that is going to be followed up with silence until the time to renew next year.

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