BSA uses channel to promote SAM message to capital


BSA uses channel to promote SAM message to capital

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The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is looking to involve the channel in its two-month anti-piracy campaign in London as it looks to introduce a carrot as well as a stick to the issue of licensing compliance.

In the past, the campaigns the BSA ran in Glasgow and Manchester,the emphasis was on warning, educating then taking legal actions against offenders. But in London the channel is playing a major role promoting software asset management (SAM).

Bytes and Softcat are being used by the BSA as SAM partners that can be introduced to help customers run audits and get their houses in order.

“They will tell the customers what they need to know and are experts in that field. Companies have to start looking at the software they have got,” said Alyna Cope, spokesperson for the BSA UK country committee.

“We are working with the channel to make it easier for customers,” she added.

Matt Fisher, director at FrontRange Solutions, said that SAM was a carrot that could work in tandem with the stick of legal action for those that aren’t compliant.

“Not only does SAM eliminate the risk businesses face of fines from organisations such as the BSA and software vendors from being under-licensed but it can also address over-licensing, a widespread problem for businesses of all sizes,” he said.

“Our own research revealed businesses overspend on software by up to 20 per cent and recent findings from Gartner showed businesses can save up to £400 per PC annually by automating software asset management processes,” he added.

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