InvisiTasking makes for 'no brainer' sales


InvisiTasking makes for 'no brainer' sales

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It has been a while since the name Diskeeper appeared on Tech Trader’s pages but, as is usual in the world of technology, if you wait long enough another version will come along.


As you would expect with a new version, there has to be a feature that indicates an advance and provides resellers with a hook to attract the attention of their customers.


In the case of Diskeeper 2008, the latest twist on the software that is designed to help solve disk performance issues through better fragmentation is InvisiTasking.


In a nutshell, the product can automatically and invisibly solve disk performance issues. The user will know it has worked because of the speed, which will no longer be inhibited by dragging through thousands of bits of data.


Most computers come with a defragmentation option, but how many people use that? And, more to the point, how good is the software included on the system?


The idea with it being invisible is that the whole process can take place in the background without interrupting the user.


That sounds like an easy statement to make, but by using system monitoring features Diskeeper taps into idle system resources.


This product falls into the wide classification of "no brainers" with the channel being able to justify the purchase of this product with very little effort.

The pitch:

Speed up the PC

The channel:

Check with vendor

The link:


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