Simple secured wireless


Simple secured wireless

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Technology becomes accepted into the mainstream so much more quickly than it ever used to, with home users embracing anything that will make their lives easier.

Two things have driven wireless networking: the growth in high speed access, with more people being able to get onto broadband with up to 8MB connection
speeds; and the ease of use of the products, with the black arts of networking going out of the market to be replaced with plug and play.

There is a host of wireless offerings on the market and resellers should be drawing users’ attention towards not only a product’s ease of use but also the security.

Products that fulfil both of those criteria are on offer from AVM with its Fritz range of wireless routers and dongles. Reviewing both of these gives an idea of the depth of the solution.

The WLAN USB stick offers not only 125Mbps but also WPA2 security, which means it conforms to the 802.11i standard. Plus of course it is plug and play so getting started is not a problem.

These USB devices are all well and good but where they come into a completely different category in terms of being easy to use is when they connect up with a sister product.

The DSL/WLAN Fritz box is more powerful than just a run of the mill DSL box because it is designed to take the phone as well as the internet. Most people end up in a situation where they have to run the phones off one line and their DSL off another.

This acts as a PBX for both fixed line and DSL and can also take a fax line. It is able to do it all with the same security and speeds offered by the WLAN USB stick.

The potential market for this product is wide, with both the branch office and home-based workers being able to take advantage of it.

A reseller with one eye on the increasingly expansive home working market would be wise to go armed with some AVM products to customers looking for a way
of opening up remote working to their staff.


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Easy secure wireless

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