FAST Ltd repositions to increase SAM adoption


FAST Ltd repositions to increase SAM adoption

Microscope contributor

The commercial operation that informs users about their licensing requirements FAST Ltd has moved to reposition the company under a fresh head of the business.

Speaking to MicroScope, FAST managing director Andy Pearce said that there were significant numbers of customers that were either under or over licensed and as a result wasting money or exposing themselves to potential legal action.

“Around 41% of companies are over licensed and one of the key things to get across is that message,” he said.

“The key point is there is both under licensing and over licensing it is very prevalent and we are helping organisations to save money,” he added.

He added that it was aiming to increase the number of customers using Software Asset Management tools to control their software estate and had also launched a tool for its members that would enable them to speed up the audits that they were expected to deliver for vendors.

Pearce added that it had managed to save one council £600,000and a multinational £1.3m by working out they were paying too much for licences.

In the past year vendors have become increasingly determined to carry out audits to discover lost revenue of illegal products.

John Lovelock, chief executive of the Federation Against Software Theft Investors in Software (FASTIiS) said that it was important for the confusion around licences to be tackled.

“We work in harmony to ensure the fear around compliance and SAM that many organisations feel,” he said.

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