Smart digital photo tools


Smart digital photo tools

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It is one thing to sell a digital camera, but it is quite another helping a customer to get the most out of the purchase.

It is quite understandable why people might take digital photography for granted now that cameras seem to be able to take pictures without much human intervention. But taking a snap is just one of the steps in the process of producing a great picture.

There are a number of products that can improve the results achieved by digital photographers, but often they form part of a package of general image manipulation software.

StudioLine Photo Classic 3 Plus by H&M Software is designed specifically to handle digital images. Its manufacturer describes it as "the high-performance image database for your digital photos with innovative editing tools and flexible design capabilities".

This product is definitely much more than a red-eye removal product. Capable of handling many common image formats, it makes sense to exploit the software by using it as an image library. Images can be categorised with textual descriptions and assigned keywords and ratings.

The software also offers other tools that make searching, grouping and browsing images simple. With many users having image collections running into the thousands, this is a powerful function.

Other options make it easy to back up images up to a CD or DVD.

There are of course editing tools and options to put the images online or turn them into photo albums, greetings cards, calendars and CD covers. For those users that have enjoyed the luxury of iPhoto on Apple Macs, this is a very capable Windows alternative.

The opportunity is for the channel in digital photography has to be in a few select areas — primarily the camera hardware, memory and print products.

But increasingly there is a need for software tools that will allow users to manage and enhance their digital image collections. Just as in other areas, the crux of the problem is moving to data management.

From a reseller perspective, this is also a simple way of getting into digital imaging without relying on hardware sales. Most people today own a camera and a large number of them no doubt have vast numbers of images clogging up their hard
drives. StudioLine Photo Classic 3 Plus can provide a solution to their image management needs.

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