Too much online security puts buyers off


Too much online security puts buyers off

Microscope contributor

Customers are struggling to understand why they have to jump through so many security hoops to buy goods and services online and walking away from transactions in frustration.

That is the conclusion of research into user attitudes and behaviour towards online security undertaken by Foviance on behalf of Oracle.

The survey of 500 plus users found that although a large number of users thought that security mattered they had little appetite for taking it more seriously.

The survey also threw up some worrying figures with just shy of half walking away from a purchase because it had taken too long with 38% reporting that too many steps to a purchase would put them off.

“We invited people to participate in focus groups and they didn’t take security that seriously,” said Marty Carroll, director at Foviance.

He added that customers saw it as the retailer’s responsibility to deploy security protection and the result of too many hoops to jump through left people writing passwords out. “People can never remember their passwords.”

He added that the other worrying trend highlighted in its research was that if customers believed a retailer had failed to make the security process easy they would leave the transaction.

Des Powley, director security, Oracle UK and Ireland, said that asking customers to register just to make a purchase, failing to use existing presence tools to monitor access device and location were just two of the mistakes retailers were making.

“We think retailers are leaving a lot of untapped revenue on the table,” he said as they balanced the demands of making the experience easy but also secure.

“There has to be a multi-layered approach that accepts there are shades of grey, “ he added.

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