HDD meets rising storage demands


HDD meets rising storage demands

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The rise of automated manufacturing processes, automated ticketing machines, self-service/mobile point of sale retail machines, and the widespread use of data capture equipment such as CCTV cameras has led to a data explosion among industrial and commercial applications.


Subsequently, equipment designers and procurement officers are seeking a cost-effective and high-performance storage solution that they can trust to work effectively regardless of the operating environment or application.


For industrial system designers, the quality of components is a priority. Industrial systems must work over extended periods without service or human intervention. This means the components required must operate with minimum downtime and maximum reliability.


Solid state memory has provided a simple solution for embedded applications, but it is fast approaching its limit to deliver high capacity storage cost-effectively. Hard disk drive (HDD) technology can deliver against such demanding requirements while offering a simple solution for storing a large amount of legacy data locally.


The vision of a highly digital factory has been around for a while, and 100% automation can be achieved, but to date the cost of developing these environments has outweighed the benefits.


Toshiba Storage Device Division’s mobile and temperature enhanced drives have the capabilities to play an important role in industrial and commercial applications owing to the technology’s strong performance, high capacity, resilience and durability. With increased capacity and the ability to withstand temperature ranges from –30°C to 85°C, the drives will operate even in the extreme conditions seen in some factories.


Hard disk drive technology has consistently proven to be a tremendous enabler for numerous markets. When we introduced our 1.8in drives we helped designers bring to market highly portable consumer electronics that could store entire collections of digital media. We then helped our automotive OEM partners take in car entertainment systems to a new level.


We now see a similar demand for data storage in industrial applications and have a full range of HDDs with the right specification to meet our customers’ storage needs.

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