Tech trader: Ecotek customers save money on standby


Tech trader: Ecotek customers save money on standby

Microscope contributor

Once in a while, an idea that is pitched to the entrepreneurs seated in leather chairs flanked by piles of their own cash on Dragon’s Den is for a product that actually makes sense.

On the one hand, the BBC programme manages to attract a fair few dead ducks, but on the other there are some inventions that are so obvious it makes you wonder why they have not been brought to market before.

Falling into that category is Ecotek’s standby saver, which has the stamp of approval from British Gas that this six-way adapter unit will save you money. But of course the clever part comes in the ‘how does it work?’ bit.

By working through a USB connection, the adapter has two slots that are designed to take devices that go on standby, so that includes PCs and printers. The adapter uses technology to identify when the desktop or peripheral is switched off.

By plugging in those bits of hardware, it’s possible to cut all the energy used in standby mode, which the manufacturer estimates will save around £43 a year.
The product is suitable for both home and business users, and with savings of that order magnified across even an SME, it is going to be an attractive proposition. The British Gas endorsement means that it is going to reduce carbon emissions, which is another attractive tick to add to the list.

Although there has been a widespread feeling in the channel that as the recession bites the green message is perhaps one that need not be pushed as hard, that has never really been the case and from next year, the focus is going to fall once again on the environment.

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