Aladdin sounds warning of recession sparking piracy rises


Aladdin sounds warning of recession sparking piracy rises

Microscope contributor

The impact of the global downturn on piracy is likely to be a major problem if user expectations translate into criminal activity.

In research carried out by Aladdin Knowledge Systems a whopping 73% of those people asked felt that piracy would go up as a result of the recession.

The consequences for vendors is to claw back lost share as a result of piracy with Aladdin noticing an increase across all territories for its anti-piracy software tool.

“It has to remain easy to use and still stop piracy. Do this right and you can grow sales, even in a down economy, and invest more into making a better solution. This is the simple reason Microsoft invests so many millions in their fight against piracy,” said John Gunn, general manager of Aladdin USA on his blog.

There have been other concerns raised that piracy will be increased as a result of the pressure on budgets with some companies opting to buy through unauthorised channels for a cheaper price.

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