Vizioncore iland partnership targets back-up demand


Vizioncore iland partnership targets back-up demand

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Virtualisation management vendor Vizioncore is putting the finishing touches to a new data recovery and business continuity scheme with UK newcomer iland Internet Solutions.

The service will utilise Vizioncore’s vReplicatior and vConverter tools to underpin outsourced cloud-based disaster recovery services,and forms part of iland’s global ‘Continuity Cloud’, a resilient back-up service spread over six datacentres, including a new facility in London.

The partners claim that customer demand for back-up and disaster recovery services from their resellers will make the new service.

“In the US a lot of folks have taken the initial step of virtualising their infrastructure and the logical next step is disaster recovery, but they don’t want to invest in a second site,” said iland channel sales director Dante Orsini.

“There is a lot of pent up demand among dealers for this type of service,” added Vizioncore EMEA vice president Roger Baskerville. “Some larger resellers have their own infrastructure but we think the vast majority will favour going to hosted datacentres.”

Sam Routledge, services director at Vizioncore platinum partner Softcat, who is currently evaluating the possibility of coming on board as a partner when the service launches, said it wouldn’t make sense for his business to get involved in running datacentres itself.

“We would have to devote a lot of resource to design and marketing, and we would rather use that for consulting,” he said.

Citing a customer survey run by Softcat in June, Routledge added: “One question that we always ask is what your priorities are. This year the one thing that came up time and time again was data recovery and business continuity.”

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