Web the security threat platform of choice


Web the security threat platform of choice

Microscope contributor

Hackers are still exploiting old vulnerabilities and basic errors to get access to sensitive data with the web the main route of attacks this year.

In a review of 2009 Joona Airamo, chief information security officer at Stonesoft, said that it had also noticed a recent trend for hackers to defile web sites just for the sake of proving they could with a number of high profile companies hit in the second half of the year.

But his main concerns continued to focus around threats that have existed for at least a year including the Conficker worm, botnets and denial of service attacks.

“The trend that has been increasing is attacks against client software and people have hacked into it by looking for open ports,” he said.

He said that Microsoft has done a good job improving security with the launch of Windows 7 but there were still areas that could be targeted by criminals.

“In the last two months there have been five critical vulnerabilities in Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008 even with the new code base Microsoft is suffering these critical code-led vulnerabilities,” said Ollo-Pekka Nieme, vulnerability expert at Stonesoft.

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