BSA urges Carter not to forget piracy in digital vision


BSA urges Carter not to forget piracy in digital vision

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The Business Software Alliance has urged the government to consider the implications of software piracy as it pulls together its thoughts on the future of digital Britain.

Lord Carter is giving evidence at the Commons Business and Enterprise Committee today following his recent Digital Britain Report and the BSA has pointed out the need to protect intellectual property.

With piracy rates currently at around 25% and costing the UK economy and software industry millions of pounds in lost revenue the prospect of faster internet with quicker download speeds clearly poses a greater risk to those fighting against piracy.

Sarah Coombes, senior director of legal affairs at the BSA, said that too little focus had been on software piracy so far in the report.

“To realise Lord Carter’s ambition to see Digital Britain as the leading major economy for innovation, investment and quality in the digital and communications industries, it is imperative that we protect these industries from copyright infringement and piracy,” she said.

“Now is the time to consider all forms of digital content when investigating a change to the law and a more robust legal approach to digital content theft,” she added.

The BSA, along with FAST IiS and vendors including Microsoft, have been actively pursuing those resellers selling counterfeit goods as well as those companies using them but throughout the last 18 months there have been continued calls for more government help in strengthening the law.

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