Parallels Desktop 5 makes Mac and Windows working seamless


Parallels Desktop 5 makes Mac and Windows working seamless

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The number of people who have found it difficult to resist the beauty and simplicity that are the hallmarks of the world of Apple has increased but the need to use Windows applications has remained.

But the solution to having the best of both worlds has also improved with Parallels bringing Desktop 5 for Mac to market.
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Compared with version 4 there are some compatibility enhancements because Windows 7 has hit the market since the last product launch and Apple has also been tinkering with the resulting Snow Leopard, so the Parallels software needs to work with both those environments.

But, in addition, some work has been done to the look and feel so that swapping between Mac and Windows apps is seamless in terms of the user experience and applications can be used in the same way regardless of operating system.

File sharing is easier between Windows and Macs and one of the big concerns for Mac users allowing the world of Windows into their lives is that security is also improved.

For those resellers that might encounter users clinging to old ideas that using a virtualisation engine to deploy a second OS on top of another means issues in terms of performance and speed then Parallels 5 sweeps those aside. There are no performance issues we could detect and in tests we were hopping from one platform to another and carrying out processor heavy functions in both.

Critically, this does solve the problem faced by a growing number of companies of whether to opt for one platform when they have traditionally used two, or for those firms which want to respond to staff requests for easier to use computing with Macs.

The improved Parallels Desktop 5 provides sufficient reason for users of version 4 to upgrade and for customers fresh to the dual OS challenge it solves their problems.

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