Samsung makes self-portraits easy with ST550's dual screen


Samsung makes self-portraits easy with ST550's dual screen

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The world of digital cameras is one full of invention with image quality improving and the technology to help the user take a better picture also coming on in leaps and bounds.

So it is perhaps not that surprising someone has come up with a camera which has a screen on the front and the back. The Samsung ST550, which was launched last August, is designed to solve those moments when people want to hold the camera in front of their beaming faces and take a picture of themselves.

We have all done it and come out with results showing a tuft of hair, an ear and a shot full of ceiling but this puts an end to those mishaps.
But it is not just about the screen on the front, which only comes on if activated, there is plenty more worth talking about with this camera. For a start the back 3.5inch screen is controlled by touch and is incredibly simple to use.

Designed to be intuitive, it is possible to tap your way through several steps to get the type of settings you require. The other advantage is the auto-focus feature which means that even the most challenged of photographers will get a reasonable result.

Add to that the 12.2 megapixels and the 4.6x optical zoom and the quality is not something that will cause concern. The pictures we took during our tests came out incredibly well even when we toned down the resolution to pack more on the memory card.

For those resellers wondering where the benchmark is in terms of digital photography, the ST550 shows clearly that it is around the 12 megapixel mark and that customers are looking for something with a bit of fun.

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