Question mark hangs over IBM PartnerWorld


Question mark hangs over IBM PartnerWorld

Microscope contributor

IBM's worldwide partner conference earmarked for Toronto in May is unlikely to go ahead due to the uncertain economic climate Big Blue resellers have claimed.

The annual PartnerWorld event has been scaled back in recent times with only 750 channel firms attending the 2008 summit in Los Angeles compared to 4,000 the year earlier.

In a statement sent to Microscope, IBM said that aside from Pulse, the service management symposium and the sixteenth annual Lotusphere, it had not yet announced its events calendar to partners.

However some partners do not expect to be flying off to Canada with IBM in early summer and don't appear to be that bothered either.

"IBM is likely in the next three to four weeks to pull its worldwide partner conference and in this economic climate I think it is the right thing to do," one business partner.

The logistics of an event in Europe would be more practical and would also cost less than the $1,700 IBM has previously charged individual attendees of the global shindig, said another.

"Whether or not they replace it with a local event is not clear," said another IBM VAR, who added the cost of committing to a worldwide conference both financially and in terms of time made it more difficult to justify this year.

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