Eddie Pacey steps down from Avnet


Eddie Pacey steps down from Avnet

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Following the integration of Bell Microproducts into Avnet, European director of credit services Eddie Pacey has finally confirmed he is stepping down with immediate effect.

In a career that spanned 18 years in IT distribution at Ideal Hardware and then Bell Microproducts, Pacey has been credited with helping to save struggling resellers while boosting the prospects of others.

He told MicroScope that his approach to the channel helped to create an "Ideal and subsequently Bell brand of credit, setting a benchmark that others have followed."

"Now that both these names are consigned to history, it is fitting that I move on. I intend to take some time out, consider opportunities and return with my own credit management and consultancy business," he said.

He rapidly became a posterboy for credit in the channel, helping to raise its profile but in recent times the function has been less about commercial management and more about spreadsheet analysis.

"Technology and automation today mean core credit activities require less human involvement and now is the time to re-define and deliver new concepts and ideas," Pacey added.

Resellers have voiced their respect for his style of credit management.

James Bird, chief executive at system builder Stone Group, said Pacey "always looked at the bigger picture when making decisions on credit - aspects like the market and the leadeship of the business."

"In our industry he is a national treasure and has been instrumental in saving many businesses," he added.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Shift F7 managing director Simon Ognall, "Pacey is from an old fashioned school of credit, designed to help businesses survive and grow as opposed to the automated 'computer says no' generation."

Ian French, business development director at Azlan - formerly boss at Bell Microproducts - said of Pacey, "It is absolutely tragic when a company loses someone with so much expertise and skill."

Pacey added that he had seen resellers come back from the brink while others moved inexorably toward it.

"I've seen proud chests, worried brows and heads in the sand, but above all, I've enjoyed the most exciting and invigorating business sector in all my 35 years of credit management, I intend to stay with it as the next decade is too good to miss."

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