Lenovo to jump on tablet bandwagon early next year


Lenovo to jump on tablet bandwagon early next year

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Lenovo is going to launch its tablet PC in China early next year and stagger the worldwide launch to make sure it is glitch free.

The tablet phenomenon has rapidly replaced netbooks as the most hyped gadget for consumers with Apple's iPad dominating the market.

However more and more vendors are getting in on the act with Dell lifting the covers off the Streak, Samsung unveiling the Galaxy Tab and now Chinese giant Lenovo plans to unveil LePad.

Rory Reed, Lenovo COO said in a fiscal Q2 conference call with analysts last week that it would launch the device in its homeland first.

"I think the pad technology that we'll see introduced will come first to China at the beginning of next year and then into the second quarter around the rest of the world," he said.

Reed claimed that if it had launched the platform any earlier it risked giving end-users "an experience that wasn't robust enough for our customer expectations".

Product recalls are embarrassing for vendors; at the start of the week reports emerged that Dixons had stopped selling, albeit temporarily, the Toshiba Folio 100 Android tablet due to the high number of customer returns.


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