Computacenter underwrites IT cost savings in VDC sales push


Computacenter underwrites IT cost savings in VDC sales push

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Computacenter (CC) is trying to convince hard pressed CIOs to deploy its Virtual Data Centre by underwriting the IT cost savings.

The services-based reseller has thrown its weight behind NetApp's FlexPod, a storage infrastructure that integrates with Cisco and VMware, and aims to speed the adoption of the cloud, optimise computing power, virtualisation, storage and the network.

Matthew Yeager, practice leader for data storage and protection at CC, said that in the "absence of shooting the users" the best way to deal with the volumes of data being generated is "around VDC architecture".

"The challenges of data proliferation are so profound that storage in and of itself, no matter how great it might be at the back-end, will not solve the problem, neither will cloud," said Yeager.

"We need architectures that are elastic and can stretch upwards and outwards in different dimensions inside the customer environments but also allow us to attach to the external service/cloud providers at a later date," he said.

CC currently integrates Oracle Exadata, VCE's VBlock and now NetApp's FlexPod, each of which have strengths and weaknesses, with the latest addition tending to be "more application centric".

Yeager said VDC was no "cure for cancer" but would help deal with IT sprawl, reduce footprint and simplify application management, as well as work alongside existing architectures.

By modelling the "do nothing" scenario, CC believes VDC can lower IT costs by 30% to 70% but adds that customers might want to lock down budgets until they are certain that the sales pitch will meet expectations.

"We are saying to customers that we are so confident that if we are wrong we'll write you a cheque, we'll do the underwriting which should liberate the budget for the customer," said Yeager.

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