SMB - Benefits of Colour to a Business


SMB - Benefits of Colour to a Business

Chris Owen
Colour printing has sometimes been perceived as an expensive luxury for SMBs, but competitive pricing, innovative technology and advanced controls now mean that not only can it be a crucial factor in a business's communications but is affordable too.

The impact of colour should not be overlooked - independent research provides very interesting insight in terms of the way different demographic groups receive and respond to colour; in a recent survey 1, for example, green revealed itself as the most persuasive colour.

53% of respondents indicated agreement with a series of statements presented to them in green text, compared to 39% agreement for the same statements presented in black.

The research was based on a series of 'neutral statements' published in different colour fonts to separate sets of respondents who indicated their level of agreement.  

It also revealed a correlation between generating strong agreement (or disagreement!) and colour, with questionnaires in a red font generating three times as many extreme responses as black across the entire EMEA sample.  

The findings are indicative of the effect colour can exert on the decision-making process and how these impacts can differ with respect to geography, context and demographics.

Colour can increase the level of attention afforded to printed materials for instance - Readership of colour advertisements is 42% higher than for monochrome counterparts - and this research highlights the importance and potential of tailoring the use of colour for each target audience.

A great example of this is a small business we know of which started printing invoices in colour, including red ink for the debt owed - and then saw turn-around times for payment decrease overnight! Such a simple step, but customers do not like seeing their balance being in the red and settle quickly.

Used effectively, colour printing and can be a strong weapon within an SMBs marketing arsenal, with inkjet technology able to deliver near-professional quality marketing materials in-house, negating the need to outsource this, and avoiding the costs involved. Professional quality materials have a massive impact on recipients, and can really shift the perception of your business.

Colour printing should no longer be perceived as an expensive luxury, but as a reliable, professional, high-impact business tool that justifies the investment.

1. Based on research undertaken amongst 2,000 working professionals aged between 16-55 across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa and Russia by the independent Web research company, ToLuna. The research was carried out between 6 and 10 April '09.Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa and Russia by the independent Web research company, ToLuna. The research was carried out between 6 and 10 April '09.

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