Mis-management of applications wastes millions


Mis-management of applications wastes millions

Microscope contributor
Businesses are failing to exploit their assets because of lack of decent management with the vast majority not bothering to use technology to monitor their operations, writes Linda Endersby.

According to a poll from Ipswitch's network management division only 40% of businesses monitor applications use and re-deploy assets around the business.

The findings echo those recently made by FAST IiS which discovered that in just a handful of projects there was application overspend of approximately £1.7m.

Ennio Carboni, president of Ipswitch Network Management Division said: "It is amazing in the current economical climate that not all businesses are monitoring the use of their applications and redeploying them where possible as they are potentially throwing thousands of pounds down the drain each year"

He added that there were tools on the market that could help the channel provide customers with support and show that they were adding value.

Carboni stated that firms can easily monitor and ensure that business critical applications are performing and being properly utilised. In addition, organizations can identify impending issues before they affect users "saving potentially costly disruption".

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