Peer 1 migrates to greener pastures


Peer 1 migrates to greener pastures

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Peer 1Hosting, the global online IT hosting provider has completed migration of over 1,600 devices and over 120TB of SAN data from its Fleet location to its new 5,372 square metre green datacentre in Portsmouth, writes Linda Endersby.

"Our team did an amazing job migrating the servers without any fuss," said Dominic Monkhouse, Peer 1 EMEA MD. "The move happened so swiftly that some of our customers were transferred without even noticing."

The company's own staff managed the move by migrating no more than 60 physical devices in any one night, powering them down at 11pm, packing them into individual flight cases, then into a specially designed truck with air suspension for the short journey.

By 5am, all devices were back online. Some nights the move was completed in less than the allotted outage and all moves were without incident.

"Our customers' data is very important to them and to us, it is their livelihood and protecting it is our highest priority," commented Richard Davies, CEO of Peer 1 customer ElasticHosts.

Davies continued: "The level of trust and close cooperation means that we had no concerns about the migration process for our colocated equipment. They were completely transparent in their operations and gave us a lot of information in a timely manner."

Monkhouse added: "The migration project was a massive milestone for us and our customers and I couldn't ask for a better result."

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