FAST encourages whistleblowers to report unlicensed bosses


FAST encourages whistleblowers to report unlicensed bosses

Simon Quicke

On the back of research showing half of web designers were using unlicensed software the head of the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST IiS) has been talking up the need for whistleblowers to help highlight the problem.

John Lovelock, chief executive at FAST, has been keen to lean on legislation that protects whistleblowers and encourage more staff to highlight some of the illegal practices their bosses are undertaking in regards to software.

"We want workers to know there is support and the means to combat any illegal behaviour by contacting us via our website, and have protection in law under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (Whistleblower Act)," he said.

"We hope that by raising awareness of the laws protecting employees, the number willing to blow the whistle will increase and reduce the illegal use of software," added Lovelock.

This year has started off very much in the tone of 2009 with software companies hit by the recession looking to tighten the screws on those using unlicensed software and the risks of being caught have been highlighted with significant out of court settlements and public naming and shaming.

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