Political parties promise help for SMEs


Political parties promise help for SMEs

Simon Quicke
One of the key battlelines in the election is around the support that the political parties will give to SMEs.

In last nights debate between the three leaders of the main political parties all promised to make life better for small firms.

There was agreement between the leaders that lending to SMEs had to increase and more pressure needed to be brought to bear on the banks.

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party, said that if elected it would make sure that a quarter of government contracts went to small companies.

He added that it would also make it easier for SMEs to get on government tender programmes.

Prime minister Gordon Brown and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg also expressed concern that more needed to be done for smaller firms.

Brown pointed to measures set out in the recent budget to set up an independent credit adujdication service as a sign Labour was trying to free up funds for smaller firms.

Last night's debate was the third and final televised debate between the leaders before next week's election.

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