SMEs voice concerns over lack of political clarity


SMEs voice concerns over lack of political clarity

Simon Quicke
Small businesses remain divided on the prospects that lie ahead economically with a significant number being pessimistic about the months that lie ahead.

With talk of a double-dip recession still around the prospects for 2010 post tomorrow's election continue top be filled with uncertainty according to research from the Forum of Private Business (FPB).

Measuring business confidence the FPB found that although 44% of those quizzed were confident about the economy 53% felt the other way and were far more downbeat about the way things were going.

Part of that uncertainty is tied to the general election with a proportion of SMEs voicing concern that none of the parties have been clear about their tax plans and moves to make life easier for small businesses.

"Many [small businesses] feel threatened by the uncertainty caused by a lack of defined policies on tax and red tape as well as threats to public procurement in the wake of anticipated spending cuts and the possibility of a hung parliament," said FPB policy representative Matt Goodman.

Some SMEs are viewing the vote tomorrow as a way of registering their feelings about business and 18% of managers surveyed by FPB said economic management was a factor on the way they ticked their voting slips.

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