Russia and China main sources of web-based threats


Russia and China main sources of web-based threats

Simon Quicke

It might be a stereotypical view that most of the threats circling the internet come from current or former Communist countries but research from Kaspersky Lab indicates it is a view that still holds water.

According to a review if malicious threat activity in April China and the Russian Federation remain the top sources of web-based threats.

China's image has taken a bashing in recent months because of its high profile clash with Google, where government supported hacking was suspected to have happened driving the US company out of the country.

Last month 22% of web-based threats emanated from China, 17% from the Russian Federation and 10% from the US. The UK ranked sixth with 3%.

David Emm, a member of the global research and analysis team at Kaspersky Lab, said that different countries specialised in specific forms of threats: " For example Russia is a hotbed of botnet activity, whilst many of the banking Trojans originate from Latin America. Meanwhile, China specialises in gaming malware."

The top ten sources of web-based threats in April according to Kaspersky:

    •    China - 22%
    •    Russian Federation - 17%
    •    USA - 10%
    •    India - 4%
    •    Spain - 3%
    •    UK - 3%
    •    France - 2%
    •    Germany - 4%
    •    Ukraine - 3%
    •    Italy - 3%
    •    Other - 29%

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