Government launches campaign to free business from red tape


Government launches campaign to free business from red tape

Simon Quicke

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has started his campaign to cut business red tape courting the public to find out which rules they would like to see axed.

Labour has been cast as the villain of the piece responsible apparently for introducing during its time in power red tape that has cost the economy £88bn.

The government has issued an online invitation, the Freedom consultation, to the public to help make them decide which regulations are worthy of being scrapped.

Clegg said that businesses and individuals found life difficult with the amount of laws and regulations that had to be followed.

"For too long new laws and regulations have taken away people's freedoms, interfered in every day life, and made it difficult for businesses to get by," he said.

As a result he has asked the public for ideas of how to strip away regulations and said that "for the first time in a long time government is listening".

The Business Secretary Vince Cable has already been charged with setting up a Reducing Regulation Committee which took the first steps of freezing some of the proposed red tape that was in the pipeline.

With many in the channel selling to SMEs and being small businesses themselves the battle against red tape is one they are fighting every day.

One reseller recently moaned of the impact of losing a member of staff to go on a ladder safety course for a day, raising an eyebrow at not just the requirement to learn how to climb a ladder but also at the use of his employee's time.

Resellers can make their views about regulations known by sharing their experiences in the online forums set up by the government as part of the Freedom consultation.

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