UK users reluctant to pay for digital content


UK users reluctant to pay for digital content

Simon Quicke

Those software publishers hoping that the threats of fines and web connection severance outlined in the Digital Britain Act would have an impact on user attitudes towards online content might have to rethink their strategy.

According to research from KPMG consumers in the UK are much less willing than people living elsewhere to pay for digital content.

People are prepared to pay for video games but beyond that the figures showed that if payment was asked for the vast majority of users would head off elsewhere to other sites to try and find the content for free.

"UK consumers still haven't come around to the idea of paying for digital content and are clear that they will move to other sites if pay walls are put up," said Tudor Aw, head of technology and KPMG Europe LLP.

One of the examples of where a pay wall is likely to fail included the newspaper market. The recent move by The Times to go behind a pay wall has already seen it's traffic nosedive and questions being asked about how long that strategy can be maintained.

The study from KPMG also asked users if they had plans to dump their landlines and move over to mobile phones but the majority (94%)  are planning to cling onto their existing telephony products.

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